Dark Heresy: Revisited

Blood and Dust on Acedia II, part 2.

With the captured raider and the wounded were spirited away to the Arbitie medical facilities back in the town; Lisbeth, York, Thoros and Julo proceeded to sift through the remains of the checkpoint and investigated the surrounding area.
The search produced a bundle of body armour, small arms, and ammunition as well as some odd bits of technical equipment from a local’s cart that had been evidently hit by the raiders prior to engaging the checkpoint (Vox unit and mining tool).

On returning to the precinct house, Thoros joined Astrijd in the medical facilities to have his injuries seen to.
While Astrijd and Thoros recuperated, York and Julo conducted an impromptu interrogation of the captured raider. Julo was able to extract from the man that the leader of this particular band was named Malek who had promised his followers wealth and power. He also indicated that this band were coming from the deserts rather than the mountains. Apparently, not much more than would have been learned by quizzing the chief arbite.

York and Lisbeth investigated the Arbite reports on the prior disappearances, noting that in the town the disappearances primarily occurred in the outer-habs in very short time frames. These conclusions led the group to use that evening to visit one of the houses where a recent disappearance had occurred. However, this provided little new information other than to confirm the reports that there was no sign of forced entry or exit and the interior was undisturbed.

The following morning the group joined the local commute to the mines to visit the mine’s foreman. During an inspection tour of the mine to asset it’s worth as an investment Astrijd discovered the burrow of a local xenos shortly after it managed to snatch one of the miners.
The group proceeded to force their way into the burrow with the assistance of the miners, attained through the persuasions of the local Arbite and her enforcers. Not long after entering the burrow they were ambushed leading to a skirmish with multiple arachnid xenos in the dark.