Dark Heresy: Revisited

1: Blood and Dust on Acedia II, part 1.

Session 1

After uniting the acolytes and formally introducing ourselves we were shipped off to meet our employer, the Lord Inquisitor Unreasonablylongname and his fabulous mustache. During this pleasant meeting we were briefed on our mission: to uncover the reasons behind the recent disappearances and civil unrest on the desert mining world Acedia II. The Lord Inquisitor assured in his belief that we would be able to swiftly resolve the issues at hand.

A short shuttle trip later we found ourselves on the barren rock, greeted by a friendly public spokes person. He directed us to an inn and gave as a brief insight into the situation on the ground, but details were scarce. Masquerading as merchants and bounty hunters we went on to visit the local Arbite compound, having been told that for more detailed information on current events we should seek them out. After Horatious York revealed our identity, at least in part, to the senior officer: Callista a radio transmission from some sort of checkpoint interrupted our investigation.

As requested by the Arbites we hurried to the relief of the post, the men there fending off a crowd of unsavory individuals armed with surprisingly heavy weaponry. A bloody skirmish ensued. By the Emperor’s grace we emerged victorious, yet not unscathed. Left standing over the corpses of our foes (or in some cases lying alongside them) we must be ready to face the challenges ahead, for our work here is far from done.