Dark Heresy: Revisited

Blood and Sand

Formerly known as Dune

Well following on from events prior the party roamed the markets looking for guns, equipment, firebomb materials and other sundries.

Julo got word from Mrs. Doyle that the planetary governor wished to see us so some of us went to do that. Lord Alron Plubus, the planetary governor, is a high ranking noble in the Guild of Plubus, which is situated on the planet of Merov. They can be considered a conglomerate of some sort, rather than a typical Merchant House.

Whilst the above was going on Lisbeth and Astrijd stayed behind to attempt to turn the technical into a sort of SAS pinky and went to RECCE and prepare the rendezvous site to give the party an advantage in the inevitable battle.

Upon the return of the trade delegation (in one piece) the party set off into the desert (in a fierce sandstorm which had been raging for a while) with a cobbled together vox jammer and bunch of fire bombs. Upon arriving Lisbeth set herself up in a trench with what can only be described as a hand operated Gatling gun whilst the remainder of the party stood in open desert at night in a sandstorm waiting for the would be assassins / owners / bad people to arrive. Arrive they did in due course and after some sort of communication/identification attempt from one of guys events took a turn for the worse. Dismounts appeared weapons raised and the CSW on the technical began slewing onto the party. At this point Lisbeth opened up with a long burst on the crank cannon with the others either freezing in the open or diving into a secondary trench.

In the ensuing firefight Julo, Astrijd and Thoros were all hit to some degree of severity though this did not stop Astrijd from firing an arrow into a miscreant who was then re-impaled on sticks of death and deadified.

Horatius remained very inspiring throughout the encounter being gloriously pinned and shot at. Thoros joined Astrijd in cover and was then followed by Julo creating a holy GP-25 formation.

After some exchanging of fire the CSW on the enemy technical jammed with Lisbeth ceasing the opportunity to let off a long burst against it and it’s operator killing him outright.
At some point during the encounter the miscreants decided it would be best to leave and began to escape in the technical, despite the efforts of Julo and Thoros the vehicle remained moving. Lisbeth once again let rip with the crank cannon peppering the technical with heavy calibre gunfire resulting in its departure from the path into a curiously ramp shaped rock and after doing a somersault it exploded in a tremendous fireball flinging the flaming occupants out of the vehicle.

Around this time it was that Thoros and Horatius tried (and succeeded) to take a prisoner ALIVE and with a snare shell to the face of all places this was achieved. After some token gunfire and similar combat orientated manoeuvres the party realised the encounter was at an end and began to take stock of what had just happened.