Dark Heresy: Revisited

Blood and More Blood on Acedia II

Having examined the Spydah, the party decided it would be worth looking into other local fauna to try and find further examples of the MIU that was integrated into them. While doing so, we discovered this lovely hunter chap that was going to help us, but he was a crab so we decided to go elsewhere!

While on our way to the mines in search of a Sand Tiger resonator thingy-ma-jigger, we instead found our old friend Ardus! Being the friendly friend that he is, he offered to lead us to the Lord-Governor, who was supposedly meeting with someone at an estate nearby.

Instead he led us to crabs.

There was much fighting and shooting and murdering, and all in all things went pretty well. People exploded and it was kinda weird, but what’cha gonna do. We managed to recover two bodies and some orders. In the mean time, we went back to the arbites and hung out for a bit, then took a nap and got all ready to go meet our new friend the Lord-Governor.


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