Dark Heresy: Revisited

3: Blood and Parachute Pants on Acedia II, Part 3

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With the spider fings slain, the group set about investigating the chamber. One small passage led West, not big enough for a man and tapering to an end and with no sign of the recently taken miner. The only other two cheps were in cocoons and had been there for some time. The gibbed spider fing was burned whilst the more intact one was loaded onto a cart and taken to the Arbites Precinct on the planet where it was investigated by the party and the adept stationed there.


-The creatures have STRANGELY JOINTED LEGS which look like they can be compressed quite significantly.
-The creatures can inflate and possibly reduce their size to an unknown degree due to their strange musculature and air sacs.
-They have poison sockets, the poison seeming very potent and in only 30 seconds paralysing Julo’s arm from a tiny scratch.
-When you touch them in their special place they violently explode, luckily we were all behind glass!
-The spider dude had some sort of vox receiver imbedded in its filthy xenos excuse for a brain.

We managed to find the frequency the vox was transmitting on in what, according to a friendly tech adept, looked like some kind of machine code he could not identify. We were unable to identify the source due to lack of equipment. The adept stated that more of the same devices operating on the same frequency or receiving the same signal would enable him to perhaps get more information from the signal itself.

Our first grorious plan was to go back to the mine after seconding more miners to dig for us, but it turned out the Governator had forbidden use of the mine and it was decided it was not politically expedient to return to the mines. It was eventually decided to murderize some of the local fauna, the sand tiger seen at the gatehouse attack, in order to determine if they had fings in their heads also. Then with this information, grab a shuttle to speak with the Governator. Probably.